66 Beautiful Willam Belli Quotes that Will Make You Believe That Drag Queens are Weirdos

If you are looking for Willam Belli Quotes, Willam Belli words of wisdom or even just quotes by Willam Belli, then this is the place for you! Here we have a collection of quotes from the magnanimously known as Willam Belli.

Willam Belli is an American drag queen, actor, singer-songwriter, reality television personality, author and YouTube celebrity. Known for his unilateral reinvention of an early 2000’s persona, that of the brash-but-charming Jewish queen, Willam has come to represent a more current camp and theatrical aesthetic which touches on horror as well as other elements from a broad spectrum of countercultures and art movements. And that’s why we love him.

What follows is a collection of my favourite Willam Belli Quotes. I hope they inspire you in some way as they did me. Anybody can be famous, but it takes charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to be legendary…

66 Willam Belli Quotes

Willam Belli Quotes
Willam Belli Quotes

Showing up is like 90 percent of the battle, and just make sure your hair is really cute.

Regret’s kind of like a fool’s game.

The hardest skill to master was finding the right lash for my eye. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and some windows need blinds instead of curtains.

Each generation gets more accepting which is great.

My signature scent is naivete.

I did an HBO movie called ‘Cinema Verite’ where I played Candy Darling. That was really, really cool because I got to meet James Gandolfini and Diane Lane and Thomas Dekker.

If you don’t get something, don’t spend your time wallowing. Just move on and then speak up for the next thing, and hope that you’re involved in that.

I mean, I find drama to be engaging and it makes your blood pressure go up and you keep watching, but it’s not as entertaining as, say, comedy.

I’m a drag queen. I want colors that get attention. The world does not need another palette with eight tans and a blue.

I don’t know how to do anything else and lack any skill that would be applicable on a resume. Drag is what I know. The gigs are my life.

My favorite must have beauty product is a good, reliable black eye pencil.

I had a drag mom but she didn’t really teach me about makeup. She just basically stuck me into gigs. And then I borrowed clothes from her and her drag to play the gigs.

I might not have won ‘Drag Race,’ but I won the Internet.

Sometimes it’s better to make a mark than to hit your mark, and I think I realized that early on.

I would love to be the John Belushi of drag. He was fearless.

I’m not a persona, and I’m not a character. I’m always the same person.

Being a fat kid – FFK, former fat kid – helped round me out, no pun intended. I’m a better adult because I wasn’t treated well as a child.

Drag was always looked at as a stepchild, and I wasn’t willing to sit at the kid’s table anymore so I took what’s mine. You can’t depend on other people to give you what you want; you have to take it.

I feel bad for my parents for having to raise me. I was crazy.

I’ve never really considered myself a musician.

Every artist that I’ve parodied has been cool with it so far. I know one hasn’t loved a version of it, but she didn’t sue me over it or make me take it down. They’ve all been pretty cool.

I want to keep ‘A Star Is Born’ with the greatest reverence ever.

I’m aware of the other drag artists with makeup lines, and I celebrate them. The pie is big and there’s room for everybody.

And I’ve never really been a makeup pro.

My goal with the makeup line was that you wouldn’t have to use brushes. Fingers are my favorite thing.

I think that drag makes anything better.

When someone says, ‘I recognize you,’ I’ll say, ‘Congratulations on having a TV.’ It’s a little joke.

Well, I wasn’t a big Chick-fil-A fan, I guess, I never really knew about them because I’m from Philly and they don’t have them there.

A kiki is any type of social function that’s cute at which at no less than 2 but not more than 10 drag queens are in a room together. It’s super fun.

I think finding a way to relate material to yourself can be useful to some people but acting for me is just being really good at make-pretend and lying. I’ve always been a great liar.

I love Issa Rae from ‘Insecure.’

Always tip a drag queen. If they’re good, they deserve it. And if they’re bad, at least they’ll go away after that buck.

One of the most flattering things is when other people are seeing what you’re doing and then replicating that kind of thing.

I’m trying to take drag back to its down-and-dirty roots where people get offended at first, and then they’re like, ‘Oh my God, this crazy queen.’

I just want to be like a little bit of Bluto from ‘Animal House,’ mixed with like some amazing diva like RuPaul.

I love San Francisco!

If I die tomorrow I could die happy, because this feels like possibly the biggest thing I’ll ever do in my career, and I’m fine with that. I get to be in a movie with Gaga.

I’m just taking it one day at a time. Actually, one night at a time. I’m not usually up during the day.

I have nothing but respect for RuPaul, but it’s impossible for me to be happy working with people who don’t treat others the way they want to be treated.

My priority is my happiness.

If you put drag in front of anything, it inherently makes it more fun. So mashing up films with cult followings with drag queens is a natural fit for a good time.

I’m not complaining at all but ‘A Star Is Born’ hasn’t helped my career in like, opportunity terms.

And who wouldn’t want to date Jonathan Bennett, right?

Rocky Horror Picture Show’ was my gateway drag/drug. I was somewhere between 13 and 16 when I started going to that.

I never went to college.

I was an awful child. And now I’m an awful adult.

I like meeting people, cause they tell me I’m pretty, and I just have to say thank you a lot.

I’m from the North. We didn’t have Chick-fil-A.

My opinion is not valuable to the general public.

I am no one’s role model.

What other people think of me isn’t any of my business but it’s nice when people say nice things.

My grandma spelled my name wrong until she died. Like literally, birthday cards, mail, everything.

The next RuPaul is an actor, a singer, a personality, not someone who can just get up at a bar. So I’m looking to do all those things.

I’m in a band, I sing live.
Contouring in the wrong hands turns into clownturing. I like to build it into my concealer base using cream colours and then put my foundation on over it.

I think a cream blush placed under foundation works the best. That way it shows through the skin the way your face does when it naturally blushes.

People are so concerned with what they put in their bodies but so few know what they’re putting on their skin. I like to use preservative-free, cruelty-free makeup that hasn’t been tested on animals.

Listen – by the time I’m 40, I’m either gonna be super famous or dead.

I just do my own thing, and my flower continues to blossom like one of those delicious Bloomin’ Onions from Outback Steakhouse.

Creating content and never being afraid to try something new have been my two hallmarks.

Vanity from Wigs By Vanity have the best wigs in the business.

A Star Is Born’ was everything. Gaga and Bradley, and having people you look up to laugh at your jokes, felt really good.

I like Pride festival because we get to show up and show out. Remind people we have resilience and rainbows.

I can ruin my own career, but I will not ruin anyone elses’ career with my mouth.

I know you are not a woman if you are voting for Mitt Romney. Because no woman in her right mind would vote for a man that opposes a woman’s right to get a clean abortion or a safe abortion.

Drag Race’ has given many super-talented people 15 minutes of fame… Many don’t strike while the iron’s hot though and are only really seen again sitting at finales or reunions for the show.

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